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  1. Chamarajanagar Dist.Co-op.Milk Producers Societies Union Limited has registered on 01.04.2015

  2. The union is first union in Karnataka to Procure Milk Through Bulk Milk Cooler s(B M C) only

  3. Excellence of union is  all DCS in the district are covered under the “Cluster Artificial Insemination (AI) Centres”

  4. The Plant as LMP  Processing Capacity of 3 Lakh Liters per day and UHT Processing Capacity is 2 lakh liters per day.

  5. The Production of Ultra High Temperature(UHT) is started from 6th February of 2019.
  6. The production of LMP is started in Main dairy from 1st April of 2019.

  7. The Union has started producesing ghee Sachet from 1st April of 2019.
  8. The Union has started Producesing  Peda  from October 2020.
  9. The Union has started producesing  Pet Jar Ghee from 1st October 2020.

  10. The union has started Marketing Milk in Nilgiri’s District of Tamil Nadu from 23rd of February 2021.
  11. The union is only union to produce  UHT Cream in Karnataka.