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We shall integrate the milk producers into the co-operatic fold, provide all the necessary technical inputs for increasing quality milk production. We shall give better price to members and improve their socio–economic conditions. We shall achieve excellence by continually improving in our system, manufacturing and marketing activities of quality and safe milk & milk products with an aim to ensure consumer's satisfaction and conforms to both applicable legal & statutory requirements.

Chamul  is committed to enhance the Milk Procurement through Technical inputs by providing Quality services to our Member Producers by ensuring economic viability to improve socio economic conditions of our Members Chamu is also committed to supply quality milk and milk products to consumers. Our Dairy shall become top dairy in the country with its inspired team of employees.

We, the inspired Team of Employees are dedicated to Co-operation, Honesty, Discipline & Time, Quality & Purity, Hard Working, Transparency, Trust & Belief on Orianization, Mutual Respect, Skill Development & Education.