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Chamarajanagar Dist.Co-op.Milk Producers' Societies' Union Limited

Chamarajanagar is the southernmost district in the state of Karnataka. It was carved out of the original larger Mysore District in the year 1998. The total extent of Chamarajanagar District is 5686 Sq. Kms consists of 5 Talukas namely Chamarajanagar, Gundlupet, Kollegal, Hannuru and Yelandur and 16 Hobli's, 1681 Villages.

It borders the state of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Most of the district lies in the leeward region of the Nilgiris and consists of mainly semi-arid rain-dependent flat lands along with forested hills. It is the third least populous district in Karnataka, after Kodagu and Bengaluru Rural.

The Main Dairy Plant at kuderu occurs in 40 Acres.The Liquid Milk Processing capacity of the Plant is 3 lakh liters per day and extendable upto 5 lakh liters per day. The UHT Processing Capapcity is 2 lakh liters per  day.The Water Treatment Plant Capapcity is 5 lakh liters per day  and Uitilising 4 lakh liters per day.The  Efluent Treatment Plant Capapcity  is 5 lakh liters per day and Uitilising 4 lakh liters per day

There are 505 registred DCS among them 466 are functional DCS out of which there are 92 Women DCS . Also there are 102 Bulk Milk Coolers, 422 Automatic Milk Collection Units in the union. There are 3 Sub-Office and they are at Kollegala, Gundlupete and Chamarajanagara.

The union procures on an Average 2.50 lakh kg of milk every day .

Excellence of union is  all DCS in the district are covered under the “Cluster Artificial Insemination (AI) Centres”.

There are  406 Indenting Agents, 38 Parlours, 4 Number of Outlets Two Cold Storage Centers  through which the products are marketed to Customers.

The union produces the Milk Variants such as Nandini Special Milk (NSM) with 200ml and 500ml ,Homogenised Cow Milk(HCM) with 500ml and Homogenised  Toned Milk(HTM) with 250ml and 500ml.

The Union has also started Marketing Milk variants as  Full Cream Milk(FCM) with 500ml and 1000ml, Standardized Milk (SM) with 500 ml and Standardized Toned Milk (STM)  with 500 ml

The union also produces UHT Milk Varients such as Good Life  variant with 500 ml and  1000 ml ,Gold variant with  500 ml and  Gold 1000 ml , Smart variant with 500 ml and  1000 ml and Slim with 500 ml and 1000 ml,Cream 1000ml and Suraksha 1000 ml

The union Produces Peda of  25gm,100gm and 250gm and the union has also started Producing Ghee Pet jar of 250ml,